Board of Directors

Listed below are volunteers from your communities. For league inquiries, please send email to [email protected].

Mark Campbell

League President, At Large (Worcester)

Kevin Avery
League Vice President, League Coaching Coordinator for Tee Ball & Coach Pitch, At Large (Berlin)

Jess Fox 
League Treasurer, At Large (Montpelier)

Chris Mason
League Secretary, At Large (Montpelier)

Adam Hochschild
League Safety Officer, Marshfield / Plainfield Town representative Town Representative

Jim Tringe

League Player Agent - Baseball, At Large (Montpelier)

Greg Fox
League Coaching Coordinator for Player Pitch, At Large (Montpelier)

Andy Morse
East Montpelier Town Representative

Kristin Carlson
Sponsor Fundraising Manager, At Large (Montpelier)

Kaylan Sweet
Softball Committee Chair, League Player Agent – Softball, At Large (Berlin)

Leah  Sare
Cabot Town Representative

Chris Austin
Middlesex Town Representative, Schedule Committee Chair

Bronwen Moriath Corson
Calais Town Representative

Michael Vitti
Equipment and Fields, At Large (Montpelier)

Mark Johnson
Worcester Town Representative

Clint Courchesne
Berlin Town Representative

Cory Schwartz
Marketing / Public Relations Manager, At Large (Montpelier)

Justin Tease
Montpelier Town Representative

Updated November 2022

Town Representative Job Description

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